Over 25 Years and Going Strong

Through a quarter century's experience in manufacturing and distributing polyethylene tarpaulin and engineered coated fabrics, KSAP has been quick to learn that maintaining relevance in the industry means improving not only ourselves but our clients as well.

As a manufacturer, our clients are large retailers, home centers, and various wholesalers worldwide. But at KSAP, we understand that our true clients are the subsequent customers of our clients, because if their customers are satisfied, our clients are happy and so are we.

We offer a range of products from commercial grade tarpaulins and lumber packaging all the way to digital print media and industrial fabrics through facilities in Korea and Vietnam. But KSAP isn't simply about manufacturing and distributing. We prioritize knowing our clients and what they need from us because we believe a truly successful company is one that enhances those they do business with.

We are good at what we do, which is supplying innovative, high-quality, and sustainable products to our clients at competitive prices. We hope you can experience this for yourself.


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